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Scripps Estates

La Jolla garden

Scripps Estates_3.jpg

The site is located in La Jolla adjacent to a sensitive canyon ecology and in the vicinity of previously disturbed Native American ground.  No roots of new plantings were allowed to penetrate the native soil, so trees could be placed only within fill soil and irrigation needed to be minimal. Indigenous and drought-tolerant plant species form a mosaic of texture and foliage color across the front slope. A stone path winds through sage, rockrose, Pride of Madiera, sculptural purple-leaf acacia trees, grasses and succulents. An enclosed front courtyard became a green field of no-mow Korean grass shaded by a Jacaranda tree.

The project was awarded the Grand Prize as San Diego Home and Garden magazine’s House of the Year.

La Jolla, CA


Safdie Rabines Architects

Private / Residential

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