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North Park Garden

San DIego


The landscape design focused on the front yard of a 1916 Craftsman house in the Dryden Historic District of North Park. The artist-clients wanted a more usable garden space that would complement the architecture, take advantage of existing stone steps made by the artist, and not require significant water or maintenance. 


A new, low cobble wall turned an existing slope into level terraces that allow for more rainfall to seep into the ground rather than flowing into the street. The walking surface of the main terrace was covered with flagstone and decomposed granite, with scattered boulders for seating, creating a wonderfully textured ground plane. The plantings of ornamental grasses, coastal rosemary, sage, and succulents require little supplemental water throughout the year.


San Diego, CA

Landscape Contractor

Calavo Landscape, Inc.

Private / Residential

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