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public art


groundLINE is a public art installation located in a small neighborhood of San Diego that is home to many ethnic groups. In response to this place where more than 20 languages are spoken, we designed and built an artwork that could be understood through movement and without words. Fragments of stone walls were constructed to weave through an existing linear park of turf, sycamores and eucalyptus. The form of the line suggests a current of energy grounded by the earth, or a seam between two places. The installation is completed through walking and the memory formed by movement. The only graffiti has been “BeLOVED” scratched into the mortar core of the walls, and neighbors have appropriated the walls for weekend yard sales.

San DIego, CA


Leslie Ryan and James Brown, with Christine Oatman


San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture


Leslie Ryan, James Brown, Mark Henderson

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